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GUTTA dot mounting systems are suitable for the composition of different sized squares through the union of tiles and mosaic tesseras inferior to 10 cm. In this way it’s possible to have benefits during the pieces handling and during the fast and with defined runout laying.

Pragma’s solutions are extremely versatiles and they are adaptable to every productive requirement.

The system is composed by:

- compositions setting section;
- gluing and PVC polymerization section;
- discharge and packing section.

Compositions setting section

The material is placed on particular grids that allows the composition of the squares and the definition of the runout of the welded compositions. This setting can be manual or completely automatic, depending on the automatism level required.

Gluing and PVC polymerization section

It’s the core of the gluing system. The tiles are transported on teflon pans, where a special unit has already layed down the gluing polymer. The pans are then dispatched to the multi-flats furnace, where the polymerization processes to activate the binder take place.

Discharge and packing section

In this section the squares composed by glued tiles are ready to be drawed and packed. Also in this section it’s possible to go from cheap solutions with manual discharge to completely automatized solutions, with drawing, packing and pallettization.



GUTTA dot mounting systems GUTTA dot mounting systems


GUTTA dot mounting systems  
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