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Starting from the firm’s long experience in the cut of tiles and natural stones, a new system has come on top of the traditional cutting machines already improved by Pragma: the waterjet machine SECO 2010. The aim of Pragma engineers was to realize an extremely advanced machine, versatile and easy in its use at the same time. The great obtained result has allowed a fast placing of SECOJET 2010 on the top of the secojet market, not only in the ceramic field, but also in the metallurgic one and in the pvc materials one.

The machine is equipped with a hot galvanized monoblock frame in structural tubular, that incorporates the worktable, the pressure multiplier and the power control board for the axis control. This frame makes the machine easy to be moved and to be used, guaranteeing simple and fast start-up operations.

The electric management of the abrasive dosage and of the work pressure allows a high restraint of the usage costs, and a long length of the machine’s technological components.

The full functionality of the machine in secured both by an original and highly efficient protection system of the guides for the axis motion and by an automatic and independent oil cooling system. Different models of the machine are available, depending on the customer’s production needs, for example with a 3x2m working plan.



Technical Features      
- Axis motions X mm 2000
- Y mm 1000
- Multiplier motor power -   Kw 37
- Architecture     -cantilever-
- Axis motion     -with brushless AC motors-


Force-feed lubrication of worm screws and rotating bearings.

Software SECO CADCAM with drawing CAD and dimensioning, automatic nesting, inlaying function with photographic print, automatic CAM for the ISO programming, cutting path simulation.

Taking into consideration all these characteristics, SECOJET 2010 introduces itself is suitable both for the small cutting workshop and for the big mass production factory.

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